What Does Your Office Say About Your Company?

A picture is worth a thousand words.  ~Napoleon Bonaparte

I find this adage to be true, but not for the reasons one would expect.  When I walk into a space that is new to me, I learn volumes of information based on what I see; the way it is furnished, the color used on the walls, furniture and, of course for me, the art on the walls.

I recently attended an event in a brand new office building. As I was leaving, I noticed a well-known doctor’s office across the hall.  The wall colors and carpeting had been beautifully coordinated and then – it fell apart. The furniture and the artwork were re-used.  There were some stains, nicks and signs of age and wear.  There was no flow.  The overall impression was that no one cared. Translation to the patient: expect shoddy service here; we don’t value spending money on your comfort.

It’s curious, because this was a well-regarded regional medical practice where they prided themselves on offering cutting-edge technology and care in a warm, safe, environment.  However, what they conveyed was just the opposite.

I walked out of the office wondering how many other people had a negative reaction to the space, and perhaps decided not to return for reasons that they may not have been able to articulate.

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What’s the Face of your Company?

what impression does your office give?

How do you want to represent your business?

What do you really want it to say?

Successful, competent, impressive, worthy…
or average, uninspired and perhaps unimportant?


What impression does your office space give someone?

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