Residential Services

Sentry Arts has over 30 years of experience managing private and public art collections of every size, shape, and medium.

No one treasures your artwork as much as you do, except maybe Sentry Arts’ art installers and collection managers. Whether we are installing, inventorying, or helping you find new artwork, Sentry Arts’ expert team will treat your precious objects with respect and care.

Our professional team of art handlers have experience installing all art mediums on every imaginable wall type all while using the ideal installation hardware. We begin by meeting with you to determine how many pieces you would like hung, mediums, locations, and when you’d like the work completed. With this information in hand, we will provide you with an estimate and potential installation dates. Should you need your artwork moved, we are fully equipped to soft pack and crate your artwork for short and long moves or into storage.

Should Estate Planning be your primary concern, Sentry’s Inventory Specialists are able to collect specific information and photos of your artwork which we upload into our art management system. We can provide you with an electronic catalogue, or you can manage a virtual catalogue of your artwork granting access to your children, attorney and/or insurance broker.

At Sentry Arts we are passionate about helping you to be informed about the art you own. We can assist with conservation evaluations should your artwork require repair, refraining, or appraisals. Whatever we can do to help you have the peace of mind to know your artwork is safely installed, correctly catalogued, and cared for is our greatest goal.