Timelines & Historic Displays

A clearly designed graphic timeline can serve as a reminder of your founding principles and accomplishments, highlighting the most important moments in your organization’s history. An archive can be transformed into a historic display, exhibiting your most important objects and artifacts, telling your history through curated object selection.

Sentry Arts designs graphic timelines and artifact displays of your organization’s unique history. After completing the Discovery Phase, learning more fully about your organization and your project goals, Sentry will then take you step-by-step through the research, design, fabrication, and installation of your infographic timeline and customized artifact display project, in order to present a visual representation of your organization’s powerful history over time.

  • Branding Design
  • Custom Graphic Solutions
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Curatorial Services
  • Project Management
  • Donor Recognition
  • Object Display and Storage
  • Conservation Services and Coordination

I’ve known Heather Gibson since 1990. Wyeth employed her to help with the enormous project of displaying our art and historic artifact collections in a newly acquired building. She spearheaded the purchase of new and used artwork, the re-use of existing artwork, and implemented the entire plan, while aiding our efforts to collect Wyeth historical artifacts and display and deploy them throughout the facility. Her high degree of energy, professionalism, enthusiasm, and intellect are unmatched. She earned a high level of trust based on her extraordinary abilities.

Robbie LaRocca, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals