Case Study: IBM Somers

We were hired for Master Planning Art and Collection Evaluation Project. We inventoried and evaluated a large contemporary art collection consisting of more than 350 pieces distributed throughout five large buildings, 1,200,000 square feet. After collecting the necessary data, we researched each piece to determine its market assessment based on past auction records.

Sentry Arts was hired to assist in the de-accessioning of this large collection shortly after we had completed a preliminary collection evaluation. We recommended a selection of the artwork be utilized at other IBM locations and the client chose from these recommendations. We created an art selection and placement plan and a orchestrated the packing, delivery, reframing, and installation of the recommended pieces in a newly refurbished building.

We contacted multiple auction houses and galleries to assess the collection to determine the best method of resale. Once the market was determined, the Sentry team de-installed and packed 250 pieces
of artwork for auction, including four monumental two-dimensional pieces. Many of these pieces required special protective crates because of their value and fragility.

Sentry Arts secured climate-protected storage for artwork awaiting the optimum opportunity for auction, and all artwork tracked by the company database was updated according to its new status.

Master Planning Art Collection Evaluation Project packing and delivery    Master Planning Art Collection Evaluation Project artwork installation


 Square footage: Inventorying & De-accessioning collection housed in 1,200,000ftoffice complex

Timeline: July 2016-April 2017

Art units: Somers: ~350


Master Planning Art Collection Evaluation Project packing artwork