Case Study: Enclara Pharmacia: Philadelphia, PA

Enclara Pharmacia renovated its corporate offices and consolidated four floors of office space into two floors.  The renovation created an opportunity for Enclara to rethink their art collection and office space aesthetic.

Sentry Arts was contracted to review, evaluate and make recommendations for the creation of an art collection that reflected Enclara’s core values.  The review and evaluation process revealed that the new space was well suited for environmental graphics that would complement the art collection and further deliver a positive message to the employees.

Project Outcomes:

Art Inventory

Conducted the first full art inventory of Enclara’s collection, including over 200 pieces displayed on four floors.

Collection Evaluation and Reframing

Assisted Enclara with simplifying their collection to include the most relevant pieces. Art that remained in the collection was re-framed and reinstalled to fit the new office aesthetic.  Art that was removed from the collection was sold in an employee art sale or donated to Habitat for Humanity; both were endeavors organized by Sentry Arts.

Environmental Graphic Design

Designed, developed and installed large-scale graphics that visualized the company’s core values and created consistency throughout the office space.


  • January to July 2016
  • 55,878 total square feet
  • 200+ works of art inventoried & reused


Case Study: Enclara Pharmacia