Case Study: S & P Global NYC

This large-scale corporate art consulting project presented a unique opportunity and challenge. Establishing and growing an art acquisition program for a large, multi-faceted global company meant that many factors needed to be considered when identifying the company’s aesthetic goals and direction.

Project Outcomes:

Project Planning 

Sentry Arts provided collection management services for the company’s corporate headquarters, which comprises over 2,000 works of art. Services included a full rotation of the art program, two full years after installation was completed at S & P’s Two Penn Plaza office in New York.

Art Purchasing

Sentry Arts assisted S & P Global with the art programs in three of its Midtown New York locations (including the company headquarters), as well as several satellite locations in New Jersey, Ohio, and Philadelphia. The focus of the acquisition process was contemporary realism and included artists from throughout the United States who worked in a variety of styles and mediums, from oil paintings to mosaic to fiber.

Art Inventory

Sentry Arts worked closely with S & P to complete a full inventory of their art program data, which was integrated into their proprietary asset management system.

Collection Evaluation

Sentry Arts also performed a market evaluation of large portions of S & P’s collection to assess value and aid in collection management.

Special Projects

Sentry Arts assisted S & P in Columbus, Ohio to commission portraits of 100 leading educators from around the world.

corporate art consulting project S&P


    • 1998 to Present
    • 2,00,000 total square feet
    • 1,950 works of art in New York City,
      Philadelphia, New Jersey & Ohio


   artwork installed at S&P's headquarters

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