Case Study: CIGNA Health Insurance

– Philadelphia & Connecticut
Our experience with CIGNA Healthcare is long-standing. Heather Gibson, our Principal, has worked with CIGNA since 2001, when she assisted in their transition from an in-house curatorial staff to an online Art Collection management database system. She also assisted in their Headquarters’ floorplan reduction from 2.5 million ft2 to 1 million ft2, including the selection and installation of all current artwork. In 2015, this client reduced their Philadelphia offices from 15 floors to 11 floors. This process included renovations to most of the retained floors over a period of 10 months. With the cooperation and collaboration of the company archivists and facilities departments, the services that Sentry Arts provided were as follows.

Art Handling & Installation:

All the artwork hanging on each of the 15 floors was de-installed, stored in the company’s archives and then re-installed after the completion of the renovations.

Approximately 250 pieces of artwork were individually packed and organized after we made the designations of de-accessioning, donation or relocation to the company’s headquarters in Connecticut.

Collection Evaluation:

The current holding of approximately 1,300 pieces of artwork in storage in Philadelphia as well as the evaluation of the stored art collection at company headquarters in Connecticut consisting of about 400 pieces, was culled to make space for the artwork which would be absorbed from the loss of 3 floors in Philadelphia and the collection of artwork culled and relocated to headquarters. Recommendations were made to retain, de-accession/donate or relocate.

Art Inventory:

At headquarters in Connecticut, the artwork was re-stacked within the existing stored art collection of approximately 400 pieces. The entire collection, in both locations, was inventoried, and the company database was updated per the new reorganization.

Curatorial Services:

Some floor plans changed after the renovations. The client asked to choose new selections of artwork from the collection and plot their location within a new floor plan. Sentry Arts installed all of the newly selected artwork once the plot maps were approved. Location updates were maintained in the company’s database.


  • Oct. 2015-Oct. 2016 (project specific), 2001-current (overall)
  • Reduction of office space from 462,000ft2 to 320,000ft2
  • 1,700 works of art in Philadelphia and Connecticut


installed artwork in a bright green office