Art Handling and Installation

Sentry Arts offers museum-level quality art installation and handling services.

Sentry has expertise and experience installing a variety of mediums, including canvas paintings, tapestries, works on paper, and sculpture.

To ensure your art is securely installed for the duration of its display, we specialize in security hardware, cleats, D-rings mounts, and wire hanging installations.

We begin each installation meeting with our clients, discussing the art move or installation, making note of the location where each piece will be hung. Sentry works with you to create an artwork placement plan, or you can let us know where you’d like your art installed. With this information in-hand, Sentry Arts will arrive at your home, place the artwork as designated by the plan, and with your approval, install your artwork!

Sentry Arts’ art handling expertise includes artwork de-installation, moving artwork to new homes, packing and shipping all types of artwork –  from giclee prints to monumental sculpture. Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home or renovating, we can carefully de-install, pack and move the artwork prior to site closure and transport the artwork to another site, storage or auction. Each piece is cross-referenced with your inventory to ensure all artwork is included and moved.

  • Installation and placement
  • Handling and custom packing
  • Registration and inventory
  • Condition reporting
  • Rigging and engineering
  • Unpacking and placement