Conservation & Storage

Sentry Arts has experience with conserving a wide range of artwork, including outdoor sculptures, works on paper, mixed media pieces, works on canvas, and digital restorations.


The proper and ethical care of artwork is central to Sentry Arts’ corporate philosophy. We strive to communicate any condition concerns we see with our clients.  Over the past 30 years, we have developed a network of conservators who are able to evaluate your artwork and provide you with a comprehensive treatment report.

It is important for Sentry to begin with an in-person review of your artwork, as this will better enable the team to determine condition issues and the type of conservation required.After which we will reach out to our network of conservation specialists for a general project timeline and estimate. Throughout the conservation process, Sentry will act as your point of contact, serving as a liaison to ensure you fully understand the required work, and coordinating everything from the de-installation, packing, moving, and delivery to the conservator, re-framing, and finally, the return to your organization.

We can make artwork-care recommendations for the continued health and maintenance of your entire collection or for a single piece. In addition, Sentry also provides archival Storage Solutions and Art Collection Management services to ensure the safety and longevity of your assets.

Proper storage systems are vital to maintaining the value of your art and object collections. Sentry Arts has worked with collections of every size, finding the best solutions for your collection’s needs and company’s budget.


Sentry begins with a site evaluation of your existing storage and will then meet with your facilities team to discuss how much space is available for art storage, the permanence of the space for long-term storage, the level of access by non-facility personnel, as well as any other issues concerning the facility team and the project stake holders. If your organization does not have an existing art storage system, we can build custom solutions from the ground up or coordinate an off-site storage solution.

In addition to helping institute and update storage systems, Sentry can establish art handling standards, which can educate your team on the proper ways to maintain and manage artwork under their care. Our Art Collection Management experience means we can help you utilize your art collection to best fit your goals, such as maximum deployment within your office, long-term storage, art re-use, art sales, and donations. A critical component to successful Storage Solutions is a complete and current inventory. Sentry has a team of Inventory specialists ready to collect your art inventory data and upload it into an on-line system, or we can update an existing inventory to reflect current storage and installed locations.

  • Art Installation and De-installation
  • Art Handling
  • Art and Object Packing and Move
  • Collection Management
  • Art Storage Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Curatorial Services
  • Project Management
  • Collection Evaluation
  • Conservation Services and Coordination