Art Evaluation

Sentry Arts possesses extensive industry experience in conducting Art Evaluations; we utilize collected data to help our clients make the best decisions for the future of that organization’s artwork holdings. 

Whether you are looking to downsize, or build your art collection, understanding the condition of your artwork is vital to making the best decisions for the future of your collection.

The Art Evaluation process begins with a review of any existing inventory, as well as a site walk, which enables our Collection Evaluation team to gain a better understanding of the project’s scope. After this initial step, we will make recommendations and create a project plan based on our evaluation. Sentry will then visually assess each work of art in your collection and identify issues within the collection, ranging from those requiring immediate repair to smaller, cosmetic needs,  like the improvement of reframing a particular piece. The data we collect will be loaded into our inventory database, from which you can pull condition reports as your needs dictate.

During the Collection Evaluation process, Sentry can also re-organize your existing storage systems, and build custom storage solutions to help extend the life of your holdings.

  • Art Installation and De-installation
  • Art and Object Packing and Move
  • Collection Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Conservation Services and Coordination
  • Collection Evaluation
  • Collection Downsizing
  • Art Handling
  • Art Sale and Donation

We value Heather’s expertise and integrity and seek her help with our most difficult art installation challenges. She consistently creates dynamic and clever solutions, mindful of our budget constraints, and makes sure the job gets done. Her personal touch gives us much appreciated confidence, and we are always proud of the final installation work.

Barbara Chandler Allen, Fresh Artists