Art Inventory

Sentry Arts can inventory your existing collection, or help create a new one. We have the experience to coordinate art sales and donations, the purchase of new pieces within any budget, and build custom Art Storage Solutions for any excess holdings.

An up-to-date Art Inventory is a helpful and necessary tool to have for any existing art and object collection. If you are looking to make changes to your existing collection, downsizing, or relocating, you will want to have an updated inventory of your collection to allow for a smooth transition.

Sentry Arts has a team of Inventory Specialists that can collect art inventory data and photos, or update your existing inventory. An updated inventory will enable you to track the location and condition of your collections over time. In doing so, you will be better equipped to maximize your collection’s use, maintain its value, and reduce unnecessary loss. 

We begin each inventory project with a site walk, and, if applicable, an art inventory review. Sentry will work with you to clearly outline your project goals and provide an Art Inventory budget. Upon approval, our specialists will be dispatched to your site to complete the inventory work including: documentation, photography, condition review, organization, and the assigning inventory numbers.

Once Sentry has finished creating or updating your artwork database, we can train you and your team to maintain the inventory and update the on-line system whenever anything changes. By completing a Condition Evaluation, which is reviewing the condition of your artwork, when we inventory your artwork, we are able to provide you with a complete picture of your artwork holdings, and make recommendations that will serve your goals.

  • Art Installation and De-installation
  • Art Handling
  • Art and Object Packing and Move
  • Collection Management
  • Art Storage Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Curatorial Services
  • Project Management
  • Conservation Services and Coordination
  • Collection Evaluation
  • Collection Downsizing
  • Art Sale and Donation

My requests for Heather have always been on behalf of IBM’s most senior management, and I never hesitate to call upon her and her team to assist with these requests from our leaders. Her vast knowledge of our building’s structure, architecture, and aesthetics is a vital asset for all our projects. I know that I will get results exactly the way that they were intended.

Lori Vigliotti, IBM Corporate Headquarters