What is an Art Advisor and Why Would I Need One?


I am sure that the above is a question most of you ponder when meeting me for the first time and I say that my business is Sentry Art Advisory Services.  I usually get a perplexed look from the person with whom I’m speaking and as I start to explain what I do, the perplexed look changes to an interested fascination.

Essentially, art that is displayed in your business is a direct reflection of your branding, mission and corporate values.  It reflects your company’s mission and values in exactly the same way as a website, or printed collateral, and contributes to the employee and customer environmental experience and satisfaction.  To be competitive, a successful business utilizes every opportunity to create and reinforce corporate image and to encourage a thoughtful environment.

Depending on your business, your art collection can range from creative new edgy talent to more traditional artwork, from historical pieces through today’s most contemporary works.  An upside to a well-managed collection is that it can be an ever-increasing asset.  Companies who collect art wisely and maintain those collections give back to the communities by supporting local talent and vendors, while at the same time procuring a series of assets which can enhance the bottom line.  Managing your art collection is one of the few ways in which you can contribute to your company’s productivity, while improving your corporate environment.

If you are a new or an established business, Sentry Art Advisory Services can help take your organization and branding to the next level.  The company’s mission is to use these services to assist clients in creating interiors reflecting their corporate image and values.  Some of the services we offer include: curatorial services, branding exhibition and design, and art collection management and deployment.

To learn more about how art can improve your corporate brand and bottom line; and our Principal, Heather Gibson, go to Sentry Art Advisory Services.


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