* Your Mission and Values:

Art, artifacts and branding provide a critical role in today’s business environment. They reflect the company’s mission and values in exactly the same way as a website or printed collateral.  Additionally, they contribute to employee and customer environmental experience and satisfaction.  What hangs on your walls and occupies your public spaces is a direct reflection of your core values and business strengths. To be competitive, a successful business utilizes every opportunity to reinforce corporate image and to create a thoughtful environment.

* Your Business Image:

Used well, your art, artifacts and branding will reflect your business image, help sell to your customers and create a complete image of who you are and what you do.  Leading edge technology companies may favor new creative talent, while companies established in the early 19th century may prefer a more traditional look.

* Your Assets:

There’s another benefit to a well managed collection: that of an ever-increasing asset.  Companies who collect art wisely give back to the communities by supporting local talent and vendors while at the same time creating a series of assets which can enhance the bottom line.

Managing your art collection is one of the few ways in which you can contribute to the bottom line—while enhancing your corporate work life.

Contact Principal and Founder Heather Gibson of Sentry Art Advisory Services to discuss how to better articulate your corporate identity through artwork, historic artifacts and brand design.