Art Sales

Art sales can be a complicated process, so let the experience and knowledge of Sentry Arts make it an easier, more rewarding opportunity for you.

Why do you want to sell your art?

Is your artwork in less-than-ideal condition or no longer matches your or company’s brand; perhaps you are running out of space?

When does it need to sell?

Often companies will have a timeline for selling their artwork; we use your timeframe as the framework for your resale.

What is your best sales option?

Once we have reviewed your collection, we will recommend what to retain, sell, donate or discard. These initial decisions will build your strategy; this includes the best place to sell your art and your best options for the best price. We will determine the best sales venue for your art using our national relationships and experience. We will also offer a full range of art handing services so you can be assured that your assets are properly managed and moved.

©Ken Brener

©Ken Brener

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