Artwork Condition Review

Sentry Arts will review the state of your artwork and give expert advice on any repairs or maintenance issues pertinent to your collection. Certain environmental conditions and storage practices may lead to the deterioration of your artwork.

Restoration coordination

  • Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolors, encaustic, etc.)Photo restoration: artwork condition review
  • Sculpture (bronze, steel, aluminum, ceramic, etc)
  • Architectural artifacts (metal work, arches, tile work, gargoyles, facade sculpture, etc.)
  • Drawings and Prints (all works on paper)
  • Photography (digital and hand retouched)
  • Frames (rebuilding, recasting, and full replacement)
  • Textiles (tapestries, flags, wall hanging, needlepoint, etc.)

Related services

  • Re-installation of artwork after repairs are completed
  • Art Purchasing to replace damaged art and historic ephemera
  • Redeployment of large-scale sculptures or murals

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