Art Advisory Services

With more than 25 years experience in the business of art, Sentry Art Advisory Services offers an end-to-end, one-stop resource for art, artifact and brand identity management services.  Some of the many services that we can provide you and your company are:

Master Planning

Sentry Arts is a multidisciplinary art consultancy firm. Before we begin any project, we develop a comprehensive, long-range strategy based on our clients’ goals and budget. No decisions are made unilaterally. There is a collaboration between, the client, architect, as needed, and our design team.

Art Collection Management

Art Collection Evaluation

Environmental Design

Sentry Art’s mission is to use these services to assist clients in creating interiors reflecting their corporate image and values.

Our contribution is to our clients’ bottom line by enriching work environments that create visually interesting spaces within budget and meeting deadlines. We are sensitive to our client’s aesthetic vision as well as budgetary consideration and each project is approached upon its own needs. We have the ability to manage your entire collection or just work on a single project.

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