Our Team

Heather Gibson

Heather Gibson

Principal and Creator of Sentry Arts Art Advisory Services, Heather is a business manager with 25 years’ experience in art direction and planning, art advisory services, framing, and art restoration. She is an expert in project budgeting and proposal development and a focused management professional. Heather works with clients of all levels to achieve their business objectives and results.  She has the ability to quickly assimilate information and develop creative solutions with ease as well as coordinate cross-function collaborations.

Under Heather’s guidance, our team at Sentry Arts helps companies and institutions create cohesively branded environments through art, graphic branding and signage. Miscommunication, even on a subtle or subliminal level, can lead to business loss; all too often, it can cause doubt or mistrust.

Through a brief discovery process and direct conversations about identity messaging, Sentry uses artwork, graphics and signage to create environments reflecting core client objectives, removing the “doubt” and ensuring that the client story is told while making them feel great about their workspace.

Sentry Arts provides artwork, framing, custom designed graphics for interior and exterior spaces, and signage. We are your comprehensive partner from concept through fabrication and ultimately installation.

Kelley Stone

Kelley is the Project Assistant for Sentry Arts, joining the team in 2018. She graduated with her BA in Art History and Classics from Temple University and with her MA in Art History and Archaeology from The Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. She has formal training in database management, research and writing, and object handling and conservation. Outside of her arts degrees, she has experience in traditional museum settings dealing with project management, customer service, fundraising, and events management. Additionally, Kelley had started her own arts promotional group, which received a 401(3)c non-profit status to create a more accessible calendar and outreach program for events dealing with galleries and artists in Philadelphia. As part of the Sentry Arts team, Kelley works closely with Heather and Robyn, providing support on a range of projects and is an acting liaison between the team, industry partners, and clients alike.

Robyn Hampson

The Project Coordinator for the Sentry Team and a working artist currently based out of London, UK. Robyn is familiar with and trained in many traditional fields of fine arts and has an understanding of the proper handling and care of artwork. She completed her MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts  and has assisted in the archives of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where she helped to manage and maintain a wealth of fragile and historical objects and documents in the collection as well as provide reference services for countless researchers, donors, and academics around the world.

Robyn joined the Sentry Arts Art Advisory Services team in 2015 and in 2017 relocated to London, UK where she continues to work maintaining Sentry’s artwork databases and reporting tools and managing the company’s online presence, including website, e-commerce site, and social media.